Although new to sculpting, I have been exploring art and design my whole life. In the study of classical cello, dance,

martial arts, Feldenkrais somatic education and spiritual psychology, I have become increasingly fascinated with the
common elements in visual, auditory, and movement arts.

It continues to be my life’s focus to marvel at how pure spirit dances with our senses in the world, and, when organized with design principles -- balance, unity, emphasis -- the experience of beauty produced in mind and body.

I am at the service of beauty. If it’s not beautiful, I’m not interested. On my 60th birthday in 2009, I thought “But I always wanted
to sculpt.” and a voice said “Well, you’d better do it now!” 

I sculpt mainly the medium-hard alabaster stone so that I may use hammer and chisel, files and sandpaper for a more organic
bodily experience than that had with the use of power tools. Some pieces are the result of an idea I want represented in stone.
With others I allow the stone to lead the dance.  

 Thank You,
Laura McCormac

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